Train Your Brain to be a Better You

Life Just Feels Better with Good Vibrations Neurofeedback

Simply put, Neurofeedback is a technology that trains and exercises your brain to function at a more optimal brain frequency. It does this by providing information to your brain (the feedback part) so your brain can voluntarily control your brainwaves to produce beneficial patterns and inhibit undesirable ones.

It is safe, non invasive and effective. Stress and other concerns can overwhelm us at times. With the help of brain training, the brain becomes more stable, resilient and flexible, thus allowing the central nervous system to deal more effectively with the stressors of life.

Increase Focus

Boost your motivation and concentration! Focus on what matters most to you and overcome distraction.

Focused Man Writing on Paper

Relieve Stress

Respond appropriately to life’s unexpected moments through stress relief and relaxation.
Calm Woman Massaging Forehead

Clear Your Mind

Feel effortlessly calmer, lighter, and more at ease while enjoying life 
 and leisure to the fullest.
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Why Should You Use Neurofeedback?

Enhance mental clarity and learning capacity

Feel more confident and boost self-esteem

Increase overall focus and concentration

Promote relaxation, calmness and healthier sleep patterns

Manage stress with increased brain resilience and flexibility

Support personal transformation and general wellness

Discover Transformation with Neurofeedback

Experience Neurofeedback training in a comfortable environment. Enjoy effortless transformation with an experienced trainer who is tuned to your needs.

Stay with Us for Intensive Sessions

Visit us in beautiful Lambton Shores for a relaxing getaway centered around your wellness. Think of it as “a vacation for your brain”! With daily access to our NeurOptimal technology, get the most out of your stay with intensive sessions – up to twice a day for as many consecutive days as your stay with us.

What Sets Good Vibrations Neurofeedback Apart

With a welcoming, comfortable and relaxed setting, Good Vibrations Neurofeedback has provided quality, affordable neurofeedback sessions to countless clients since 2012.

Good Vibrations uses NeurOptimal®, the world’s first and only Dynamical NeurofeedbackTM brain training system.

Having multiple systems means shorter wait times to get started and friends and loved ones can train together. In addition, Good Vibrations also offers certified nutritional coaching and professional grade supplements to support the mind and body for maximum wellness benefits.

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