About NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

Life Just Feels Better with Good Vibrations Neurofeedback
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Why People Love It

NeurOptimal® builds brain resilience which helps the central nervous system to “bounce back” from negative events. Negative feelings associated with conflict or a bad day at work or school can stay with you for hours after the actual event has passed. The destructive effect of negative, repetitive, or self critical thinking is magnified even more in severe events (physical and/or emotional trauma). Instead of staying stuck in the negativity of these events, the resilient brain will snap back and return to its normal baseline more quickly. Individuals with a more resilient brain report feeling happier and at peace.

Stress and other concerns can overwhelm us at times. With the help of brain training, the brain can become more stable, resilient, and flexible, thus allowing the central nervous system to deal more effectively with the stressors of life.

NeurOptimal® Simplified

Good Vibrations uses NeurOptimal®, the world’s first and only Dynamical Neurofeedback brain training system. NeurOptimal® brain training aims to optimize brain functioning and is not a treatment.

All human conditions are regulated by brain wave function. Our brainwaves change according to our actions, emotions and ongoing events. When we have too many or not enough of each bandwidth it indicates a variety of emotions, behaviours, energy levels and mental clarity etc. Ideally, each bandwidth or frequency is synchronized, working with each other. Brain wave function is used to improve flexibility and resilience in the brain and to help teach the brain to overcome injured areas or let go of the ways it is becoming stuck.

Neurofeedback is facilitated brain change that can teach the brain to reduce or increase the likelihood that patterns of behaviour happen. Either through gently interrupting old patterns or helping the brain form new ones, people often find they know what they need to do and can follow through.

What to Expect

The first appointment will be approximately one and a half hours long and includes an overview of the process and what to expect. Intake and consent forms are completed at this time, followed by a full Neurofeedback brain training session. Subsequent appointments are approximately 50 minutes long.
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After applying five sensors and donning a headset (or earbuds) you simply relax and NeurOptimal® does the rest. You push back in a La-Z-Boy chair, feet up and eyes open or shut. You can read, watch a movie (or images on a screen), listen to relaxing music or have a nap.
Girl Connected to Neurofeedback Sensors
Let NeurOptimal® do the work. Brain waves are monitored and turbulence in electrical brain activity is sensed. The feedback invites the brain to self-correct its pattern. All you will hear is a slight occasional soft static sound as the brain corrects. The process is natural and side effect free.
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Sit up and enjoy your refreshed state! If you’re like most clients, you will come to look forward to your next session as a time to relax and refresh.

How Nutrition Helps

Neurofeedback and nutrition go hand in hand — what we take into our bodies can have a powerful effect on the mind. Like an expensive car, the brain functions best with premium fuel.

At the initial session, handouts are made available that lay out simple nutritional practices that may enhance the result of Neurofeedback sessions. Recent research has shown that targeted nutrition can be especially helpful when specific conditions are present, like ADHD, anxiety, concussion or PTSD. Whether or not one decides to follow these nutritional suggestions or add brain friendly supplements to the mix, is entirely up to the client. 

The bottom line is that Neurofeedback on its own can be an amazing experience. But to enhance your your Neurofeedback training, consider Metagenics Nutritional Supplements to give your brain the nutritional boost it needs.

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