About Good Vibrations Neurofeedback

Located in Thedford, near many unique amenities and idyllic beaches, Good Vibrations Neurofeedback has proudly served the Lambton Shores community since 2012. Over the years, Good Vibrations has been providing clients with safe, comfortable, and effective Neurofeedback training, nutritional guidance, supplements, and a number of other relaxation services.
Zengar NeurOptimal Certified Advanced Neurofeedback Trainer Badge

Susan Gillies is a certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Advanced Trainer

Susan Gillies, Owner and Founder

BSc (Biochemistry), MLIS, CCP, NeurOptimal Trainer (Advanced Certification), Certified Holistic Nutritionist

In 2011 Susan volunteered at a large neurofeedback clinic in Kingston run by a psychiatrist and a GP. After trying a series of NeurOptimal® sessions herself, Susan experienced an amazing sense of relaxation, clarity and focus. With encouragement from the two doctors, Susan started Good Vibrations Centre for Neurofeedback in 2012, which catered to clients who were looking for Neurofeedback without psychotherapy.

That same year she became a certified nutritionist and began offering nutritional suggestions to clients to optimize their brain health. With advanced degrees in Biochemistry (Neuroscience), Technology and Information Management, Susan saw Neurofeedback as the marriage of all three in a way that had the potential to provide huge benefits to mankind. Today she considers herself blessed to be able to share this high impact technology with clients, friends and family and experience firsthand how people can transform their lives in a myriad of ways.