In Office Training Options

Solo Sessions

The client sits in a private room and is the only one experiencing a session. The client can read or choose to sleep or just close their eyes. Solo sessions are suited for those who prefer a more personal, individual experience. A session takes less than an hour.

Single sessions – $60 (incl. hst)

Double sessions – $100 (incl. hst)*

Tandem Sessions

Note: Due to Covid restrictions, tandem sessions are not available currently

Neurofeedback sessions occurring in the same room with two people brain training simultaneously on separate neurofeedback machines. Training together usually involves couples, friends, family members, etc. This can be especially convenient for families with busy schedules. An added benefit is the reduced rate per session.
  • 5% off for purchasing a block of 5 sessions
  • 10% off for purchasing a block of 10 sessions*

*The 10 session promotion can be shared between two people.

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