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Unlimited Sessions

While there is no limit to the number of sessions that can be run with these machines, any one person should not exceed two sessions a day. This is an ideal option for someone who wants to run a series of intensive sessions in their home, or for families, couples or roommates who can share the machine.

Cost: $1,000 plus hst for the first month. If rental is extended with the same renter the price is reduced to $800 plus hst for the second month.

Limited Sessions

This rental includes 20 sessions with additional sessions being optional. It is usually rented by a single person looking to complete a series of sessions on their own.

Cost: $750 plus hst for the first month. Additional sessions are charged at $30 a session. If this rental is extended the next month’s rental fee is $600 and includes another 20 sessions.

For the most part, rentals can be picked up at the Thedford locaition. Machines can also be delivered if within a reasonable distance or shipping within Canada is a possibility. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the renter.

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